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Curriculum Guide

This guide provides a subject-by-subject overview of the District 401 curriculum for grades K-5. 

The faculty and staff at both of our elementary schools — John Mills and Elmwood — are committed to giving our students every opportunity to meet and surpass the rigorous expectations of the Illinois State Learning Standards.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that students leave District 401 ready for college success, career fulfillment and a lifetime of continual learning.

An Articulated Curriculum

To this end, the District has built a curriculum that is articulated across and within subjects, grade levels and schools.

"Articulation" refers to the coordination and logical progression of learning objectives and subject matter from course to course and from grade level to grade level. 

When a curriculum is articulated, students are offered a seamless learning experience as they advance through their schooling, regardless of the building or classroom they are assigned to.

For example, if a student is enrolled in 5th grade at one of our elementary schools, that student will work with the same curriculum in each content area as other 5th graders in the classroom next door and at the District's other elementary building.

An Interactive Curriculum 

To put this articulated framework into action, District 401 faculty members use standards-based curriculum materials featuring interactive e-texts. Our e-texts for grades K-5 include the following:

  • Savvas Learning Company | ReadyGEN for English language arts
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt | GO Math! for mathematics
  • STEMscopes for science
  • Committee for Children | Second Step SEL for social and emotional learning
  • Savvas Learning Company | MyWorld Interactive for social studies

With an interactive, articulated curriculum, our teachers are in a position to use the same language and expectations in conjunction with continuously updated instructional materials.

K-5 Curriculum

To learn more about the K-5 curriculum at John Mills and Elmwood, click the rows located below.

Do you have general questions about curricular programming and content? If so, please contact Mr. Darek Naglak, the District's Director for Curriculum & Instruction.