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Student Support

Elmwood Elementary School understands that not every student is the same. Because of this, we offer an array of support programs and resources to meet the needs of our diverse student body. These programs and resources include the following:

  • English Learners
  • McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance
  • Reading Program
  • Section 504 Plans
  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Special Education Services
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Suicide Prevention Resources

We invite you to visit the pages listed in the right-hand column of this page for additional information. 

If You Have Questions …

Inquiries concerning McKinney-Vento assistance, Section 504 accommodations, social-emotional learning and special education services should be addressed to District 401's Director for Student Services, Ms. Stephanie Daly.

Matters that fall within the scope of social work or speech-language pathology should be directed to our social workers or speech-language pathologists.

Any other questions about student support should be directed to the Elmwood School principal, Mr. Matthew Lerner. He can be reached by email at this address.