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NED assembly comes to EPCUSD 401

NED Assembly yo-yo tricks
Sam Britten, Marketing & Publishing Specialist

EPCUSD 401 elementary students enjoyed NED assemblies this past week. NED stands for Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best. Presenter Brian Wiegand dazzled the students with yo-yo tricks as he delivered inspiring messages alongside NED, his cartoon cardboard cutout.

During the performance, Wiegand asked students what it takes to be a champion. One student eagerly answered in the microphone “100 days” while another said “practice.” Other students who didn’t have a chance to share were excited to tell him after the show. 

“I’m always happy to be like ‘Please tell me what your answer was. What was it that was on your mind?’” said Wiegand.

NED assembly yo-yo tricks

Performer Brian Wiegand performs yo-yo tricks in front of Elmwood students

Students watched intently and took in the encouraging messages as Wiegand performed tricks such as “around the world” and “walking the dog.” The show was enjoyed by students, staff and administrators at Elmwood and John Mills. 

“We were very excited to welcome the NED performance back,” said Elmwood Assistant Principal Stephanie Hagins. “It’s always a favorite of the students and the teachers alike because of the positive message and entertaining presentation.”

NED Yo-yos will soon be sold at Elmwood and John Mills. To learn more about NED, click here. 

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